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Robotic Feather Pop Up Cat Toy

A cat playing a moving pop up cat toy

Robotic Feather Pop Up Cat Toy

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This pop-up cat toy moves around your home in a random pattern, and it has a motorized feather toy popping in and out of holes, that’s a seriously advanced robot buddy for cats left home alone!

A gif showing a cat chasing a pop up cat toy

‧ Pop up and Play

A super durable feather will pop out from one of the 4 holes at random, that stimulates your cat’s natural instincts to chase and capture prey. There are 3 variable speed settings (slow, medium, fast) to suit every cat’s play habits.

 Moving around the Floor

Designed to look like a robot vacuum, this automatic cat toy uses vibration technology to move around your home, enticing your cat to chase, pounce and swat. It changes direction and runs away when it meets obstacles.

 USB Charge

This toy has a 500mAH lithium rechargeable battery. It charges for 1 hour with the USB cable provided and runs for 2-3 hours.

The bottom of a pop up cat toy showing the buttons of different function

 Three Play Modes

- One-time-play Mode: Prompts the feather to flutter back and forth for 5 minutes and then automatically shut off to conserve battery.

- Play-all-day Mode: Fires up the toy for 5-minute sessions every 4 hours and automatically turns on when your cat touches it. A perfect cat toy to help a cat with separation anxiety.

- Sleep Mode: This robot cat toy will automatically turn to sleep mode in the darkness, so it won't disturb your sleep.

Does it really work? It's fun to see how the cats go crazy for this robot!