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Robotic Feather Pop Up Cat Toy

Robotic Feather Pop Up Cat Toy

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This pop-up cat toy moves around your home in a random pattern, and it has a motorized feather toy popping in and out of holes, that’s a seriously advanced robot buddy for cats left home alone!

Robotic Feather Pop Up Cat Toy

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‧ Pop up and Play
A super durable feather will pop out from one of the 4 holes at random, that stimulates your cat’s natural instincts to chase and capture prey. There are 3 variable speed settings (slow, medium, fast) to suit every cat’s play habits.

‧ Moving around the Floor
Designed to look like a robot vacuum, this automatic cat toy uses vibration technology to move around your home, enticing your cat to chase, pounce and swat. It changes direction and runs away when it meets obstacles.

‧ USB Charge
This toy has a 500mAH lithium rechargeable battery. It charges for 1 hour with the USB cable provided and runs for 2-3 hours.

‧ Three Play Modes
- One-time-play Mode: Prompts the feather to flutter back and forth for 5 minutes and then automatically shut off to conserve battery.
- Play-all-day Mode: Fires up the toy for 5-minute sessions every 4 hours and automatically turns on when your cat touches it. A perfect cat toy to help a cat with separation anxiety.
- Sleep Mode: This robot cat toy will automatically turn to sleep mode in the darkness, so it won't disturb your sleep.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Traci G.

It certainly lives up to its name...our cat was anxiously watching the holes for the feather to pop out. He was actually able to grab it one time before it quickly retracted. Certainly held our cat's attention - it shut off once or twice thanks to the auto shut-off feature and we had to turn it on again, because he kept looking for the feather! Would recommend to other cat owners!

Kelly W.

I bought this toy because my singleton kitty, who used to get tons of my time, is now home alone 10-12 hours a day on weekdays, and she was BORED and under-stimulated. This toy has not completely solved the issue, but it is already a HUGE help. I can turn the toy on for her while I’m unwinding or in the shower or otherwise not able to play with her myself just yet.

Monica J.

I dont know where to start. I think i enjoy playing with this toy more than my cats. Lol. They havent stopped playing with it since the day it arrived. This toy is great because it lights up so you can see it in the dark. It has different speeds for the feather. And it can stay in one spot or you can change the mode to let it move around. Its a smart toy and it I think it has sensors to direct the toy when its in moving mode. I highly recommend this product for pet parents. It will keep your fur-babies busy and happy. You wont regret it.

Freda G.

My cat absolutely loves this! The play all day mode setting is great for keeping her occupied while we're busy. Definitely recommend!

Marta G.

My cats love this toy, especially on the fast speed. The USB charger is great. The charge is long lived.

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