• Meet Yukon & Gigi, our CEOs

    Meet Yukon & Gigi, our feline CEOs who inspire us every day to create playful and innovative products for cats and their pawrents. At Petites Paws, we believe cats deserve the finest toys, beds, scratch boards, treats, and more. Through our close partnerships with top-notch factories in Japan, Korea, and China, we offer a thoughtfully curated selection of exceptional, stylish cat products that embody the love cat parents share with their furry companions.

  • We Speak Cat!

    At Petites Paws, we're fluent in feline. Every product in our store has been tried and approved by either Yukon, Gigi, or their furry friends, to ensure that we only offer the best quality items. As the store's in-house Quality Check Meownager, Yukon and Gigi take their job seriously. They even review products through their Instagram and YouTube channels, so you can see firsthand what they think of our offerings, and you can also follow us at @petites__paws.

  • Our Mission

    Here at Petites Paws, we hold a firm belief that every cat deserves a forever home, and our mission is to support these incredible felines in every way possible. Committed to giving back to the feline community, we collaborate with our shelter partners by donating vital supplies and engaging toys, and sponsoring local cat adoption events – all to benefit the cats who need it most! Thank you for supporting our mission, and happy shopping!