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Lifelike Moving Snake Cat Toy

Lifelike Moving Snake Cat Toy

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Tired of your cat ignoring all your fancy toys? Try our Lifelike Moving Snake Cat Toy, the toy your cat will mistake for the real thing (until they catch it, that is).

With remote control action, you can finally outsmart your feline overlord and give them the thrill of the hunt they crave. Just don't be surprised if they start bringing you their "prey" as a trophy.

Cats playing with a Lifelike remote control Moving Snake Cat Toy

‧ Flexible and Realistic Movement

The Lifelike Moving Snake Cat Toy has flexible joints and realistic slithering action, making it look and move like a real snake. With eight sets of rollers and two large front wheels, the toy can move quickly and bend forward flexibly, enticing your cat to play and hunt. 

‧ Remote Control for Interactive Play

The Lifelike Moving Snake Cat Toy's remote control feature allows for interactive play between cats and humans. Perfect for young-at-heart adults, you'll enjoy the thrill of controlling a realistic-looking snake as your cat chases and pounces on its lifelike movements. 

‧ Lifelike Appearance

The Lifelike Moving Snake Cat Toy has a realistic appearance with clear and delicate textures that mimic the look and feel of a real snake. When the toy snake is moving, it even flicks its tongue in and out, adding to its lifelike appearance and making it more engaging for your cat.

  More Cat Tips:

Why do cats like snake toy?

Cats are natural hunters, with a deeply ingrained hunting instinct that is part of their DNA. In the wild, snakes are one of their primary prey. The slithering movement and texture of snakes can be particularly interesting and enticing to cats, making them a popular target for play. That's why snake toys are especially appealing to cats, as they mimic the movements of real snakes, stimulating their playful behavior and encouraging them to engage their hunting instincts in a safe and enjoyable way.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Phyllis E

Fun for the entire family, not just the cat❤️


It is probably bigger than you think. Rocket is not afraid of it, he love chasing it around!

Catherine C

Funny toy. Got it to scare my cat 😂

Freda CC

Great product, good deal

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