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Cattyman Cat Deshedding Rubber Brush

Cattyman Cat Deshedding Rubber Brush

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Say goodbye to pesky loose fur and grooming struggles with the Japanese Cattyman Cat Deshedding Rubber Brush. Designed for efficient, gentle grooming, it's perfect for cats that hate to be brushed, keeping their coat healthy and your home hair-free. 

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‧ Curved Head and Long Bristles for Optimal Grooming
The brush's cat-inspired design includes a curved head and long rubber bristles that easily conform to your pet's body. This unique feature ensures thorough waste hair removal from both topcoat and undercoat without damaging healthy fur.

‧ Gentle Touch for Cats Who Dislike Brushing
Crafted with soft elastic rubber teeth and a rubber base, the Cattyman Cat Deshedding Rubber Brush provides a gentle grooming experience for cats that usually hate being brushed, making it suitable for felines with sensitive skin.

‧ Versatile Grooming for Long and Short Hair Cats
Whether your cat has long or short hair, this deshedding brush effectively removes loose fur while preserving their coat's health. Easy hair collection and removal keep your home clean and your cat content, making grooming a breeze.

‧ About the brand: Cattyman - Crafting Joyful Pet Connections
Since 1963, Cattyman has been dedicated to enhancing pet lives as a trusted partner for pet owners. Based in Osaka, Japan, they create innovative, high-quality products that foster heartwarming connections between pets and their families.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

I have two senior cats that have trouble grooming themselves. I would too if I was 140 years old! This is much better than a FURminator which uses a blade that can cut a cat. This rubber tool is similar to a comb and is much safer. Very happy with my order.


This brush is amazing! It removed so much hair from my cat that I could have made a whole new cat with it. Plus, my cat doesn't mind being groomed with it at all.

Phyllis E

Simba doesn't mind this brush at all, which is a pleasant surprise considering his usual aversion to grooming tools.


This brush does a great job on my ragdoll. I appreciate the compact size, which makes it easy to use.

G Pena

I have Maine Coon cats, and this brush has been fantastic for them. It removes a lot of hair, and now they enjoy their grooming sessions.

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