Why does cat like rubbing its face on you?

Why does cat like rubbing its face on you?

Does your cat rub its face on you, corners, your laptop, and everything else it can? There's a reason for that!

Trying to understand a cat’s behavior can be downright maddening. Oftentimes, feline actions are dictated by stress and fear but fortunately, one cat behavior in particular usually comes from a good, friendly place. When your cat rubs up against your legs or pushes his head against you, it’s a very positive sign.

Why does cat like rubbing its face on you?

Territorial behaviour

Cats have scent glands in their little cheeks and they use pheromones from these glands to mark things.

These markings are reserved for people and objects that your cat deems safe and happy.

The pheromones released from your cats' rubbing against things will later tell the cat, "Hey, everything here is ok and chill! Also, this is mine!"

So, when your cat rubs against your let, they're letting you know that you are their happy place. :)

It’s just his way of saying ‘I love you’

We all love our pets and enjoy giving them lots of love and attention, which they give back in their own special way by being loyal, loving and cuddly – especially cats!

So, just as you suspected, one of the main reasons that cats like to rub their head against you is to show affection and there is even a name for this behaviour – ‘bunting’.

Cats ‘bunt’ primarily as a way of bonding, and they do this not only to you and other humans but also with other cats and even dogs. Bunting is your cat’s way of communicating their affection for you and identifying you as one of their friends.


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