Why do cats purr?

Why do cats purr?


Cats purr often.

But did you know that purring does not always mean your kitty is happy? 

Here are five reasons why cats purr:


why do cats purr

1. Give me that! 

Sometimes cats purr when they're hungry or want something. They often combine purring with a "meow" to get your attention.


why do cats purr

2. I'm happy! 

If your cat's tail is still and its eyes relaxed, it's safe to say your purrfect pet is happy. Purring is a cat's way of smiling.


 why do cats purr

3. Kitten-Mother Bonding.

Kittens learn to purr when they're only a few days old. It's their way of communicating with mama cat. Purring serves as a powerful bonding mechanism between a kitten and its mother. Mama cats use it as a lullaby.


 why do cats purr

4. Ouch! 

Sometimes cats purr when they're in pain. It's a soothing mechanism in the same way that human babies suck their thumb to feel better.


 why do cats purr

5. Self-healing. 

Some scientists say purring helps cats heal faster. Purring could be the reason why cats recover faster than dogs. A cat's purr causes low-frequency vibrations and helps bones, wounds, and tendons heal faster. Amazing, isn't it?


3 Cat Toys that Will Make Your Kitty Purrrrr… 

As you can see from the list above, it's not always obvious why your cat purrs.

Some cat owners say they can read their cat from the purring sound the cat makes.

Are you a cat whisperer?

These 3 are guaranteed to make your kitty purr (happily)


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