Why do cats love sunshine ?

Why do cats love sunshine ?

If you have a cat, you’ll be familiar with their love of sunlight. Outdoor cats are prone to basking in the sun for hours, as though they’re partly lizard. Indoor cats will find a ray of light through a window, and refuse to be moved.

Cats do not need sunlight to survive, but it certainly keeps them happier. Felines can endure regular sunlight. They’re adaptable animals, which is how stray and feral cats survive cold winters. Given a choice, however, a cat will always prefer warmer climates. The benefits of the sun for cats include:

Temperature Regulation

There are few sensations that cats enjoy less than feeling cold. By basking in the sun, they can build up their body temperature. A warm cat will feel considerably more relaxed and comfortable.

This heat retention will also be helpful when the night arrives. As the ambient temperature drops, a cat will have enough heat in reserve to stay comfortable.

Energy Management

If your cat dozes the day away, you may assume they are just lazy. You’d be surprised at just how exhausting being a cat can be. Cats maintain a constant state of awareness. This, in itself, requires energy. Also, cats burn substantial amounts of physical and mental energy in short, controlled bursts.

Every time they hunt, they are using every muscle in their body and brain. By lying in the sun, your cat is staying warm and replenishing that lost energy. Think of your cat’s body as a solar-powered battery. 

Vitamin D

Cats are less reliant on the sun for Vitamin D than other animals. However, they will still benefit from obtaining this vitamin from the sun.

Regulation of Reproductive Cycle

Sunlight plays a significant role in your cat’s reproductive cycle. The more daylight your cat encounters, the more likely they are to enter heat naturally.

It may be a push to say that cats need sunlight to survive. As you’ll see though, it dramatically improves their quality of life. If you have an outdoor cat, allow them to enjoy the sun in moderation.

If your cat lives indoors, leave them to relax by a window on a summer’s day. Your pet will be considerably happier and healthier for it.

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Reference : Senior Cat Wellness.com

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