Why do cats like fidget spinners?

Why do cats like fidget spinners?

Cats around the world are obsessed with fidget spinners… well, humans are and some cats are getting in on the action. If you do a quick search of Instagram with the hashtag #catsandfidgetspinners – you’ll see what I mean. So, why do cats do that?

Cats are hardwired to hunt for their food, so knocking things over may be a manifestation of this instinct.” says Adi Hovav, senior feline behavior counselor at the ASPCA Adoption Center.  

Cat Fidget Spinner gif
Cat Fidget Spinner Toy

“Cats use their paws to test and explore objects, and the movement, sound, and touch or feel of the object helps them understand what might be safe or not.” Your cat’s paw pads are very sensitive, so when they pat, swat, and knock something down, it helps them better explore the objects around them.

Cat Fidget Spinner Toy

Another explanation? Your cat may knock things over simply because it’s fun. “A moving paw-patted object combines all of the best aspects of stalking and prey chase with the movement and tactile feel of the patted object.”

And yet, we throw toy mice and balls of string at them and expect them to be entertained. What they really want, however, is something more sophisticated. Something to keep their minds and paws occupied in those long hours in between feeding sessions and naps.

 Cat Fidget Spinner
Cat Fidget Spinner Toy

Something like a fidget spinner. The spinners appeal to their instincts, so they’re pretty well accustomed to them.

Just look at our cat, Yukon.

We introduced him to a fidget spinner cat toy, which is specifically designed for cat, and Yukon couldn’t get enough of the toy.


Crafted from a sturdy plastic material, this interactive cat spinner toy comes in a bright color with lighting ball and catnip balls, offering eye-catching appeal. And all you have to do is set a fidget spinner in front of your kitties and they’ll get right to work pawing at the toy, trying to get it to spin. Then their eyes will glaze over. That’s when you know your cats have been transported to another dimension.

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