Why do cats curl up in a ball

Why do cats curl up in a ball

Why do cats curl up in a ball


You look at your napping calico and noticed something: your cat has turned into a ball! Have you ever seen a perfect ball of cat?  Most cats seem to love assuming a ball form when sleeping but why? Here are the three reasons why cats curl up to sleep.

Why do cats like curl up in a ball

Cats curl up into a ball for warmth

Yes, we’ve got quite cozy houses that protect us from the cold. For our feline friends, we provide them with cushions or soft beds for them to rest on. However, cats seem to have a knack for napping in random places. As such, we can’t control the temperature in every area of the house which is why cats curl up into a ball; it’s to keep themselves warm and cozy for in their sleep.
By turning into a ball, cats conserve their heat making themselves a natural blanket of their own. Obviously as a kitten, they also loose more heat than an adult cat as they have less fur and less body fat so it can be estimated that it is an effort to return to the joys of being a kitten.


Why do cats like curl up in a ball 
Cats curl up into a ball for safety

Experts that have studied animal behaviors and found that this curious sleeping position of cats, even dogs and other animals, has to do with safety. By curling up into a ball, this is regarded as a way for our kitties to have a sense of security when they’re in a defenseless state as they sleep.
Also, sleeping with the limbs close together and in a more compact position makes it easier and quicker for the cat to get his legs underneath him in order to either run away or attack. When an animal is lying on his side, it takes more time to turn the body upright and get his limbs beneath him for any defensive or flight behavior.

Why do cats like curl up in a ball
Cat curl up next to you for love

Why does my cat curl up next to me? When a cat curls up next to you on the bed, it's a sign that he trusts you and feels safe with you. Cats are very vulnerable when they are sleeping and like to find a place, or person, that they trust to sleep on. When they curl up next to their owner they are confirming to you that they trust you.
While your cat does trust you they also want to keep warm and they love the heat from their humans. They also love your duvet and blanket that provide extra warmth. Your cat loves that you are a human hot water bottle for them.

Why do cats like curl up in a ball   Why do cats like curl up in a ball

The best cat bed for cats to curl up

It looks like the reason why cats sleep in a tight ball position is for practical reasons. Keeping warm and protected is definitely important for quality sleep. That’s also why we lock our houses and invest in cozy beds just to get that good night’s rest. So, next time you see your cats curl up into a ball when sleeping, know they’re having a sweet catnap or great deep sleep.

Why do cats like curl up in a ball
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