Why Do Cat’s Yawn?

Why Do Cat’s Yawn?

Cats do yawn. Maybe not that often, but there are many individual cats that do yawn a lot. If your cat yawns at you, does this mean they find you boring?

Well, that might be true, but the funny thing is that explanations for why cats yawn are not that different from the reasons why humans and several other animals yawn.

Brings More Oxygen Into the Bloodstream

Our bodies, and indeed our cats’ bodies, need oxygen to function to their fullest capacity, and oxygen is taken in through breathing. If your cat is tired or bored, he’s likely to be breathing in slower breaths, so less essential oxygen is getting in. Yawning is the body’s reaction to needing more oxygen – your cat will breathe out carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. So it could well be that he’s feeling a bit sleepy, or you’re boring him. Sorry!

Wake Up Routine

You’ve probably noticed your cat yawning when he first wakes up. Just like us, yawning is probably a part of your cat’s natural wake up routine. In fact, it works similarly to the full on body stretching he does when he’s just woken up from a nap, just as that stretches out all of the muscles in his body, yawning stretches out his jaw and facial muscles too, so he’s nicely stretched and relaxed from head to tail.

Cat Communication

Similarly to how his whiskers, tail, eyes and posture can communicate his mood to you or to other cats, so can his seemingly innocuous yawns. As yawning is a reaction that happens when he’s relaxed, it can help if he’s facing a tense situation with another cat. If he’s in a stand-off with another cat that looks like it could lead to a fight, by yawning he’s giving off relaxed and calm signals, so it could diffuse the situation.

Yawning as a Sign Your Cat is Not Well

As with any changes in your cat, if you notice that he’s suddenly yawning a lot more than usual it could mean that there’s an underlying medical issue. If he has a dental problem, like painful teeth or an abscess, or a cut in his mouth, it might feel painful for him when his mouth is shut, so yawning is a way to relieve the pressure. If you think that something’s changed or you’re concerned about his welfare, a visit to your vet is the best bet. Even if there’s absolutely nothing wrong with him, at least it’ll put your mind at ease!

 Source: pawesomecats.com

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