How to improve the quality of life of an old cat?

How to improve the quality of life of an old cat?

how to improve the quality of life of an old cat


Mousy was an old cat.

She was frail and had arthritis in her back legs.

You could see her wobbling whenever she braved the stroll to the kitchen.

When Mousy was younger, she would play for hours chasing laser beams or "killing" a fake fish.

But now Mousy is a former shadow of a once young and healthy kitten.

Now all she wants is peace and comfort.

But the house is full of other living beings, and Mousy just wants a place she can call her own - a place where she can feel safe.

And then it happened.

One day out of the blue, her hooman brought something Mousy had never seen before.

"It's for you, Mousy. I know you'll love it."

Marshmallow Cat Bed

Her hooman picked her up and put her inside the softest material Mousy had ever felt.

She was in a Marshmallow Cat Bed. It was so comfy Mousy didn't want to leave.

So, she had a nap.

bed to improve the quality of life of old cat

Later that day, Mousy did something she hadn't done in ages.

To her hooman's surprise Mousy started to purr.

Mousy was happy because she now had a safe and oh-so-comfy bed.

"My hooman is the best," thought Mousy as she took another nap in her super soft marshmallow bed.

The hooman was happy also.

cat bed for old cat

After all, this Marshmallow Cat Bed looks great in the living room. And it's so easy to clean.

Over 5,100+ hoomans say they are happy they got a Marshmallow Cat Bed for their purrfect pet. Will you be next?

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