Different ways your cat shows your love

Different ways your cat shows your love

We show our cats love by buying them toys, playing with them, petting them, and letting them cover our laps in fur. But our cats can be total weirdos when it comes to how they communicate they care. From purring to biting, these strange creatures have some funny ways of displaying their affection.

Let’s Start with Those Obvious Signs Your Kitty Cares

  1. Purring: The rumble in their tummy not only shows your cat is content but also that she is happy to have you around. Their little motor begins to rev, and the lovefest begins!

  2. Spikey Kisses and Grooming You: When your cat runs that rough little tongue across your cheek or your hand, she’s showing that you’re one with her. This is a way to share her scent and show that she trusts you enough to relax.

  3. Rolling Over: The most vulnerable cat, contrary to popular belief is not her ego—it’s her belly! When your cat rolls onto her back to show you her belly, it’s a deep sign of trust. While she still may kick and bat you if you try to rub her belly, you should be honored that you caught a glimpse of it.

  4. Head Bumps: When your kitty bumps heads with you, it’s a cute sign of affection. She’s putting her scent on you to let others know you’re spoken for and letting her guards down just a bit.

  5. Greeting with Cheek Rubs: When your cat rubs you from their nose to their ears, it’s a way for your cat to show she cares. Cats normally reserve this action for their closest feline friends.

Our cats are funny creatures. They may not be able to write little love letters, but they do show their love in their own special way. So, keep your kitty content and the love will keep coming for years to come.

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