Our products are personally tested by our fluffy companions Gigi and Yukon, because they know the difference. Check out our cat toy videos to see the product reviews performed by our cats, then you will know whether the products worth your money! Please also like, comment and subscribe our videos!


Magic Chaser Rotating Feather Cat Toy Review

The feathers of this interactive cat toy are spinning so fast and unpredictable! Can Gigi and Yukon catch the feathers? This product can keep our cats in one spot for longer than anything else. Get Magic Chaser Rotating Feather Cat Toy: CLICK HERE

spinning cat toy


Cat Fidget Spinner Review

What kind of spinning witchcraft is this? Gigi and Yukon are so confused by this fidget spinner made for cats. Your cat will also enjoy countless hours of pawing at the windmill cat toy, trying to get it to spin! Get Cat Fidget Spinner : CLICK HERE

fidget spinner for cat


Dancing Fish Cat Kicker Toy Review

Yukon loves this dancing fish so much! He has enjoyed countless hours of attacking this "dancing fish" as it kicks, trying to escape! It is one of the best toys to activate your cat's hunting instinct. Get Dancing Fish Catnip Kicker Toy: CLICK HERE

dancing fish kicker toy


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