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Japanese-made 100% Natural Vegetable Loofah Dental Cat Toy (3 pcs)

Japanese-made 100% Natural Vegetable Loofah Dental Cat Toy (3 pcs) - Petites Paws

Japanese-made 100% Natural Vegetable Loofah Dental Cat Toy (3 pcs)

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This Japanese chew toy are 100% natural vegetable loofah plant! That's right, loofah is a vegetable! These toys are meant to be destroyed or "shredded" and that is how they floss and clean teeth!

  Keeping Your Cat’s Teeth Clean

Did you know that eight out of ten cats over the age of three have tooth and gum problems? Just like our own teeth, your cat’s teeth accumulate plaque and if this isn’t kept under control, it can lead to tartar and even periodontal disease. This loofah toy works like a natural floss that scrapes the surface of your cat’s teeth to improve dental health.

  100% Natural and Made in Japan

Cattyman is one of the leading companies of pet accessories in Japan. Using all-natural ingredients and with Japan’s strict quality control and stringent testing, you can rest assured knowing these products are safe. Are the other loofah cat toys produced in China safe? Most of the China-made pet products do not even pass product safety inspections.

  Safest Toys for Cats to Play With

Loofah is a natural vegetable sponge belonging to gourd family that is non-toxic and digestible. Loofah cat toys are usually strong and durable, but if fallen apart and ingested by cat, it won’t cause any harm to them.

  Organic catnip buds

It comes with a pinch of Japanese catnip which will keep your cat alert and stimulated, making playtime experience more productive and joyful. You can put this piece in your cat’s play area, or you can whip it out after feeding time so your curious cat can interact with it, cleaning his whites in the process. What more can you even ask for in a cat toy!

  About the brand - Cattyman (DoggyMan H.A. Co.)

Cattyman (DoggyMan H.A. Co.) is a major pet food manufacturer from Osaka, Japan. It all started with a dog named Sally. When Sally became ill and refused to eat, owner Akio Hayashi wondered what he could do to make his beloved canine companion feel better. Akio later gave her a piece of meat he bought for dinner, which the pooch happily devoured. That was the beginning of “Healthy Jerky”, a high-quality jerky for those who want only the best for their furry friends. But Akio didn’t stop there; in 1963, he founded Hayashi Seisakusho in Osaka and began to manufacture and sell high-quality pet products worldwide. The company later changed its name to DoggyMan H.A. Co. (also known as Cattyman), becoming one of Japan’s most popular manufacturers of pet food and supplies.

*Come in a set of random 3 pieces.