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Cattyman Kitty Tongue Cat Massage Roller

Cattyman Kitty Tongue Cat Massage Roller - Petites Paws

Cattyman Kitty Tongue Cat Massage Roller

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Japan 🇯🇵 #1 Pet Gadget with over 1 million sold!

With this pet gadget in hand, your cat will think you’re a purrfessional masseuse!

  Improves your cat’s overall health

The obvious benefits of massage are probably familiar to most of us: reliving muscle tension and increased circulation. But what other benefits are seen in dogs and cats?

  • Reduces pain and/or discomfort from stiffness, inflammation & muscle spasm
  • Improves muscle tone, joint flexibility & range of motion
  • Reduces anxiety and stress, boosting relaxation
  • Promotes blood and lymph circulation
  • Enhances immune system function
  • Accelerates healing after surgery or injury
  • Eases the effects of aging and slows the degenerative processes
  • Promotes deep relationships

 Innovative cat massage roller licks like a real cat’s tongue

Originally designed by Cattyman in Japan, this massage roller is inspired by the spikes on the cat’s tongue. The papillae-like roller texture will remind your cats of being groomed as a kitten. It can be used on the head, back, or even on their tummy and your cat can’t stop purring as soon as you start massaging them. Made of ABS material with Japan’s strict quality control and stringent testing, it is soft, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and totally safe to use.

  About the Brand – Cattyman (DoggyMan H.A. Co.)

Cattyman (DoggyMan H.A. Co.) is a major pet food manufacturer from Osaka, Japan. It all started with a dog named Sally. When Sally became ill and refused to eat, owner Akio Hayashi wondered what he could do to make his beloved canine companion feel better. Akio later gave her a piece of meat he bought for dinner, which the pooch happily devoured. That was the beginning of “Healthy Jerky”, a high-quality jerky for those who want only the best for their furry friends. But Akio didn’t stop there; in 1963, he founded Hayashi Seisakusho in Osaka and began to manufacture and sell high-quality pet products worldwide. The company later changed its name to DoggyMan H.A. Co. (also known as Cattyman), becoming one of Japan’s most popular manufacturers of pet food and supplies.

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